Do you think a well placed, high quality food concession trailer at Diamond Peak is a good idea?

Look and feel of proposed DP Food Co.ncession
Look and feel of  a proposed DP Food Concession Trailer

Manet & Mesh Technologies selected as finalists of Shark Tank event at CTIA Super Mobility Conference 2016

Reno Nevada, 26 August 2016, Manet & Mesh Technologies has been selected, out of thousands of start-ups, as a finalist of the Telco Data Analytics Shark Tank program at CTIA Super Mobility Conference 2016 (CTIA) in Las Vegas on 8 September. The CTIA  conference is the premier global show for all things mobile and is attended by over 30,000 delegates annually.

Manet & Mesh Technologies’ Outpost app appealed to the judges and is set for launch later this year. The company’s infrastructure allows users to download the app in remote locations where no internet connection is available. It uses ad hoc mobile mesh networks made up of users’ devices and WiFi networking devices. The company is pioneering the development of what it calls ‘Data Beacons’ which add storage and connectivity to local mobile mesh network infrastructure. Outpost allows users to connect with others in their local  proximity to message, share content, based on common interests, and engage in social interactions.

While the company is at an early stage its founders are no strangers to start-up challenges. Oscar Jenkins is a native Australian who moved to the United Kingdom in in the early 1990s. He started and ran a series of pioneering award-winning internet and mobile companies. He moved to the U.S. in 2015 and has been waiting for the right opportunity and to meet a technical business partner for his next business.

“Being selected to present at the CTIA Shark Tank event highlights the uniquenes of our business and the broader opportunity for off-grid apps and services. Manet & Mesh Tech is perfectly placed to take advantage of a seismic shift in how younger users and early adopters will interact and share data securely and directly rather than via Internet”. Oscar Jenkins

Joe Chavez, Manet & Mesh Tech’s co-founder, recently met Jenkins on the Reno start-up scene. At their first meeting they clicked and immediately realized they were completely aligned on a vision for off-grid apps and services. Aside from his day job as a principal software engineer, Chavez has designed and developed mobile mesh systems for communications, gaming and IoT verticals. He is deeply involved in Space Apps Reno, a hackathon organized by NASA, and through his work on beacon technology holds a patent concerning beacons that contain relative directional vectors that point to location or objects of interest.

Jenkins and Chavez have bootstrapped their company to date and are now searching for investors on AngelList and Gust, from whom they are looking to raise $1m in seed funding to take business to the next stage and beyond. The pair’s unique blend of experience and creativity is a solid foundation for a tech start-up and their passion to realize their imagined future is extremely contagious. Manet & Mesh Technologies certainly is a  young tech company to watch.

AngelList: Manet & Mesh Technologies Inc.

Gust: Manet & Mesh Technologies Inc.


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Fragile by design? Three Apple charges…That’ll be $122.82!


Three Apple Charges in 2 years…That’ll be $122.82. Three Samsung micro USB charges, on the other hand, will set you back a paltry $9.97.

I never realized how cheap a micro USB charger was because they never break! Apple charges on the other hand, brand and generic, are the feeble weaklings of the consumer electronics world. Is this by design?

Through recent history electronics manufacturers have sold products with built-in obsolescence and introduce new formats forcing consumers to retool regularly. Recent examples include the evolution of music, from records to tapes, CDs and downloads, each format requiring users to buy the music they already own again with the promise of better quality.

Gadget makers, including Apple, also sell electronics with batteries that cannot easily be replaced, forcing users to either upgrade or pay for expensive repairs. Apple has also regularly changed the design of its power supplies and other accessories with new models, forcing consumers to buy new versions.

So what about built-in fragility? If Apple products were similarly priced to other consumer electronics brands and had similar rates of failure then there is no there, there. However, can we simply chalk up the stark contrast in failure rates with some Apple products to coincidence? Especially when you also take into account the profitability of those products that have to be replaced regularly.


Tahoe Basin under threat from Fires

Thursday, September 18, 2014
The King Fire, which began over the weekend near Pollock Pines, has now exceeded 70,000 acres in size and entered into Placer County. Boosted by strong southwest winds, the fire more than doubled in size overnight Wednesday and is now reportedly only 12 miles from Tahoe City. Heavy smoke and ash poured into Squaw Valley by noon today. The fire is 5% contained and has nearly 4,000 firefighters on the scene. East winds are predicted for Friday which should help reverse the current track of the fire.

Square Fires Smoke

Squaw Valley at 1pm Thursday, September 18.

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