Fragile by design? Three Apple charges…That’ll be $122.82!


Three Apple Charges in 2 years…That’ll be $122.82. Three Samsung micro USB charges, on the other hand, will set you back a paltry $9.97.

I never realized how cheap a micro USB charger was because they never break! Apple charges on the other hand, brand and generic, are the feeble weaklings of the consumer electronics world. Is this by design?

Through recent history electronics manufacturers have sold products with built-in obsolescence and introduce new formats forcing consumers to retool regularly. Recent examples include the evolution of music, from records to tapes, CDs and downloads, each format requiring users to buy the music they already own again with the promise of better quality.

Gadget makers, including Apple, also sell electronics with batteries that cannot easily be replaced, forcing users to either upgrade or pay for expensive repairs. Apple has also regularly changed the design of its power supplies and other accessories with new models, forcing consumers to buy new versions.

So what about built-in fragility? If Apple products were similarly priced to other consumer electronics brands and had similar rates of failure then there is no there, there. However, can we simply chalk up the stark contrast in failure rates with some Apple products to coincidence? Especially when you also take into account the profitability of those products that have to be replaced regularly.


About time…

So here by popular demand, well my kids, a couple of friends and a LinkedIn contact to be honest, is my blog.

In my blog I will endeavour to articulate my thoughts and views about subjects ranging from skiing, outdoor activities, hospitality and cooking, to tech, mobile, entrepreneurship,  and business start-ups. I will draw from my perspective gained from considerable time spent in Australia, the United Kingdom and Europe and, in my current country of residence, the United States of America. I have started and run businesses all my life and I hope I have learnt a few things en route, which I can share with you.

For a bit of background you can find out more about me in the first chapter of Global Leadership Strategies: Leading CEOs on Driving Growth, Innovation, and Accountability in an Evolving Global Landscape (Inside the Minds) published by Thompson Reuters … Luckily, as mine is the first chapter, you can read it using the “Look Inside” feature on Amazon. I have to say the rest of the book is a pretty good read but I’m not sure its worth $72.00 though.