About time…

So here by popular demand, well my kids, a couple of friends and a LinkedIn contact to be honest, is my blog.

In my blog I will endeavour to articulate my thoughts and views about subjects ranging from skiing, outdoor activities, hospitality and cooking, to tech, mobile, entrepreneurship,  and business start-ups. I will draw from my perspective gained from considerable time spent in Australia, the United Kingdom and Europe and, in my current country of residence, the United States of America. I have started and run businesses all my life and I hope I have learnt a few things en route, which I can share with you.

For a bit of background you can find out more about me in the first chapter of Global Leadership Strategies: Leading CEOs on Driving Growth, Innovation, and Accountability in an Evolving Global Landscape (Inside the Minds) published by Thompson Reuters … http://www.amazon.com/Global-Leadership-Strategies-Innovation-Accountability/dp/0314287787. Luckily, as mine is the first chapter, you can read it using the “Look Inside” feature on Amazon. I have to say the rest of the book is a pretty good read but I’m not sure its worth $72.00 though.